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Embedding insights into your organization

Date: August 2, 2018

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Vittorio Raimondi

Managing Director, Foresight Associates LLC

Case Study: Embedding insights into your organization

One of the ongoing challenges for businesses is how to embed learnings into the culture of an organization. For example, how does a multi-national company get its marketing teams to act on core principles and learnings gathered from years of research?

Enter “Gamification.”

Gamification is an approach using the techniques, principles, and design of games to enable people to develop, learn, and practice new skills. By structuring critical business knowledge into the format of a game, users are able to acquire experience without the risks associated with real-world decisionmaking. In short, gamification can enable users to practice and develop problem solving skills for complex scenarios before they face similar situations in real life.

For our client, we developed a virtual ‘micro-world,’ calibrated with real consumer data and designed to mimic real-world scenarios that would be faced by their marketing teams. In a live workshop setting, participants were divided into teams, with each team trying to maximize performance in a fictional market. The teams were provided with robust background materials to help them understand the market and to enable informed decisions. They then allocated their budgets and watched how their brand performed, adjusting and refining their choices each round. The winning team was the one that best implemented the learnings to maximize growth.

The game has enabled our client to practice critical insight and learnings in a low-stakes environment, providing their teams with the skills & experience to implement the organization’s core marketing principles in the real world. Since its creation, the game has been implemented in over 10 business units around the world.

In the News: The Resurgence of Gin

We’re sharing this article because it is a great example of habits formation using occasion-based marketing through the creation of “aperitivo” style cocktails.

From the article: “There is rarely just one factor that makes a category vibrant.

There may be a trigger, but normally it is down to a mix of things coming together. We’re talking about growth in sales and penetration, innovation, new entrants, premiumisation, a ‘talkability’ factor and a category that fills a clear role in many people’s lives through the utility it offers and the occasion it plays into.

Relative ease of entry to the category can also help as it creates competition, variety and choice. Essentially, with a vibrant category everyone seems to be talking about it.

So, what happened in gin?

Read the full article here!