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We help companies:
  • Create and execute corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies tailored to their enterprise.
  • Assess their social performance and measure it against their competitors.
  • Develop or refine values programs.

Our approach is not theoretical; it is practical and deployable.  We focus on tangible outputs from CEO messages down to specific policies and procedures that should be executed to successfully apply the CSR strategy.

Our assessment often starts by asking employees their views of the company's CSR performance.  From the beginning we try to establish buy-in throughout the organization. This process signals that, as opposed to a public relations effort, the company is substantively engaging its employees on an issue of importance to the entire enterprise.

With that information, we work with senior management to develop a corporate social responsibility program targeted uniquely to their company culture.

Our goal is to enable the company to get the maximum competitive advantage and reputation enhancement from a new or enhanced CSR strategy.